Why Sell with Us?


Thank you for considering The Yao Team as your representative in the selling of your home.  We want to earn your trust and your business.  In an industry saturated with aggressive business promotions, it is not always easy to tell who you can trust that has real substance.  The Yao Team’s legacy is its hundreds of happy past clients.

Yien and Alysa combine their unique talents, expertise, and experience to serve their clients’ real estate needs.  Here are some factors that set them apart:

Yien is the Consulting Broker for Keller Williams Advantage II Realty, which consistently ranks within the top 3 Brokerages among 2,500 in the Orlando Board of Realtors.  He teaches and provides advice and consultation to agents from new licensees to seasoned top producers.  His experience, expertise, and unique problem-solving style are highly valued by his organization.  Wouldn’t you trust the doctor your doctor sees, or the attorney your attorney goes to for advice?  Yien is known as the “Agents’ Agent”.   When selling your home, you cannot be in better hands.

Yien’s background was in medical science.  He carried the same excellence into real estate as he did in his academic past.   He achieved a Bachelor of Science degree with High Honors and proceeded to the University of Florida’s College of Medicine.  Before his eventual departure to care for his ill father, he earned the prestigious Perkins Award with a perfect 4.0 Grade Point Average through all 3 years.  Highly analytical and conscientious of excellence in all that he does, he has also distinguished himself in the real estate industry.  He continues to value education and regularly attends classes to further his knowledge, as well as teach classes to his peers with the belief that a higher standard of practice is a benefit to the public.  The classes Yien teaches are generally considered the most technical and difficult in the business, such as contracts, negotiations, legal changes, market analysis, and transaction management.  All this expertise will go to work for YOUR benefit.

Alysa’s background was in Occupational Therapy.  As a successful Occupational Therapist for 15 years, she is a good listener by nature and exquisitely perceptive in sensing and assessing people’s needs.  This enables her to better understand each seller’s unique circumstances and needs.

Alysa has been working alongside Yien as a husband-and-wife listing team for many years.   She has incorporated Yien’s style with unique perspectives of her own, perfectly blending his highly analytical and effective systems with her caring and engaging personality.

Alysa’s most unique contributions come from her previous 10 years’ experience of working with home buyers.  She knows intimately the preference of buyers in their home shopping process.  She knows the psychology and thinking process of buyers during negotiation and transaction.  These experience make her a powerful listing specialist.  She knows how to help sellers stage the home to target and appeal to buyers’ preference.  She knows how to market the home to attract buyers’ attention.  She knows how to negotiate effectively with buyers.  And she knows how to manage a contract to successful closing, fully anticipating potential buyer side issues.

Yien and Alysa’s knowledge, skills, ethics, and professionalism extend not just to their clients but also to the agent on the other side of every transaction.  Over the years, they have had the pleasure of doing business with hundreds of real estate agents, establishing a reputation of high integrity and fair dealings.   Their connections and impeccable reputation among local real estate professionals will be an invaluable asset to you.

During the worst years in the Orlando real estate history, Yien’s skills truly shined.  Even when the market was stagnant with 32 out of 33 listings not selling, and real estate brokerages were shutting down in troves, The Yao Team was successfully and briskly selling all its listings.  This attracted attention within the Keller Williams® Corporation.  Yien was interviewed by Gary Keller, founder of Keller Williams®, and Dave Jenks, New York Times Bestselling co-author.  His insights and techniques were then posted as training material for Keller Williams® agents worldwide. This knowledge will also go to work for YOUR benefit.

The Orlando market is dynamic and ever-changing.  The only constant is the reliability of seasoned professionals with real substance and track record. Choose a team that has thrived in all markets by staying one step ahead of it. There is a saying: “anyone can take the helm when the sea is calm”.  You never know what you will encounter in the complex process of selling a home.  You need a team that can guide your ship to harbor even when the storm hits.  We will be with you every step of the way.

What all this means for you is simply that The Yao Team has the experience, expertise, reputation and knowhow to get the highest price and most advantageous terms for your home, in the shortest time, and in the smoothest manner possible.  This is not a slogan but something we achieve regularly and consistently.  Please see our Seller Testimonials.  You will be glad you chose The Yao Team as your guide and partner.